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Originally from North Hastings, Ontario, Frank and Heather moved to Beachburg, Ontario in 1974.

Heather, originally Heather Gunter from Coe Hill, Ontario, is a retired public schoolteacher who is now enjoying writing, playing the church organ, playing the ukulele, helps with crafts at Country Haven every Wednesday and round dances and square dances every chance she gets!. Her book publishing started in 2003 and she now has 5 books to her credit. Since April of 2010, Heather has been writing a weekly column for the Bancroft Times entitled "Heather's Musings". Heather is available for entertaining at any function (within driving distance) by reading from her books or her columns or talking about the craft of writing your memoirs. She is no stranger to the microphone.  To arrange this, see Contact Us

We are proud parents of two adult children, Laurie and Kevin, proud grandparents of Amanda and Jessica and proud great-grandparents to Cody.

Laurie resides in Beachburg. She works as an Educational Assistant for the Renfrew County District School Board.

Kevin resides happily in Edwards, continuing to be a real animal lover.

Amanda is working full time in Ottawa as Production Coordinator at Lowe Martin Group (although currently on maternity leave after giving birth to son, Cody).. She also does some editing/designing as a freelancer. (Gervaisa Publishing). She and hubby Kenny live in Casselman.

Jessica is now a medic in the Canadian Armed Forces and is presently stationed in Edmonton.

Sadly, in March of 2011, Frank passed away from cancer. We all miss him greatly but know that he wouldn't want us to dwell in the past.  He was a great help with computer work in Heather’s initial stages of book writing. He, also, is the subject of several of her stories. To keep her company and often add merriment to her life, Heather has two cats, Muffin and Katie.

Each of Heather’s books is a collection of short, true stories and you, the reader, can enjoy as many or as few at one sitting as you want, coming back for more later.

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