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showThe Show Must Go On

A mixture of history and entertaining true tales, telling of rural life and the entrepreneurial spirit of the author's parents, Howard and Hazel Gunter, of Coe Hill, Ontario. Readers who lived the 1920 to 1970 era will identify with so many of the experiences. Other readers will appreciate the timeless humour, moral struggles and human foibles. This is a little treasure chest of a Canadian family's history

heartsDear Hearts and Gentle People

A collection of 55 true tales. Readers will identify with some of the experiences, but may react with disbelief as they read about some unusual, albeit true, experiences. The hospital delivery room, bizarre wedding happenings, funeral problems, near catastrophes, and even a taste of Australia, are just some topics encountered in this book of short stories. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction! You'll chuckle, you'll empathize, maybe sometimes even sympathize! These are good Canadian-flavour stories with universal appeal, another treasure chest of the best!

askedBecause You Asked

Open this 210 page book anywhere. You will identify with so many of the experiences. These stories are designed to cause you to reminisce, chuckle, and maybe read aloud to others. If you enjoyed the author's first two books, you may recognize some of the people involved; however, each account is complete by itself, without worry of chronological order or whether or not you have met the characters. The reason for the title: Heather's readers kept asking for more stories… another book please. The autumn cover scene is at Whiteduck Lake, near Combermere, Ontario.

sunnySunny Side Up

Another collection of true short tales, many with a humorous twist. Some are fond memories of years gone by. Open it any place and read as many as you have time for. All are designed to lift your spirits. The 10 stories in the chapter " Murphy's Law", one of the most popular chapters, will have you chuckling and the 12 stories in "That's Life" are ones you'll want to share.


musicHeather's Musings And More

Enjoy 70 short, entertaining true tales. Read about the professor who laments "I'm teaching 4th year university students and over half of them cannot even write a sentence!" or of the nightmare that came true at the automatic car wash. Likely you will identify with many of the human foibles Heather and her characters have experienced. Many stories, also, take us back in time.

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